Recent Patents.

Issue 4 and Volume 49.

Recent Patents. 980,184. Pump valve. John J. Ballard and Frank W. Parsons, Newark Valley, N. Y. 980,217. Hose rack Harold C. Dodge, San Francisco, Cal. 980,245. Pipe coupling. John N. Goodall Portsmouth. N. H., assignor, by mesne assignments, to Goodall Manufacturing Company. 980,463. Sewage disposal system. Earnest T. Welcome. New York, N. Y. 980.536. Fire shutter controller. Henry Krake, Boston, Mass. 980.677. Hose coupling. Samuel M. Rhoades Philadelphia. Pa. 980,684. High-pressure centrifugal pump. Hans James Schwade, Erfurt. Germany. 980.S80. Pipe connection. Philip Mueller, Decatur. Ill., assignor to The H. Mueller Manufacturing Company, same place. 980,895. Hose holder. James Doherty, San Diego, Cal. 980,901. Branch pipe connection. Robert Ballantyne, Glasgow, Scotland, assignor to Stewarts & Lloyds, Ltd., Coatbridge, Scotland. 980,914. Device for removing excrescences from pipes. Melvin Berlin. Columbus. Ohio. 980,954. Hose holder. Henry J. M. Howard, Washington, D. C. 981,031. Continuous filter. Arthur Philip Stitzel. Louisville, Ky. 981,852. Valve mechanism…

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