Issue 4 and Volume 49.

Meterage Lanising, Mich., installed 600 new water meters last year. The city of Woonsocket, R. I., with a population of $42,000, has a daily water consumption of 1,600,000 gallons, 3,504 services and 3,046 meters. Springfield, Ohio, installed 135 new meters last year, making the number now in use about 800. It has been recommended that all consumers be compelled to use meters. Waterbury, Conn., will probably appropriate $2.0oo yearly for meters. Last year the city purchased 95, making the total number of meters in use at the present time 1,514. Harry Ellsworth, superintendent of the waterworks at Meadville, Pa., writes that the statement made in this journal recently that meters had been ordered for use in that city is incorrect. Water meters have been installed by the city officials of Mount Pleasant, Texas, who have given all consumers notice of the following rates: For the first 3,000 gallons of water…

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