Lesson From the Chicago Holocaust.

Issue 4 and Volume 49.

Lesson From the Chicago Holocaust. Fires in large cities occur under such a vast number of different conditions that one of the oldest and wisest of chiefs once declared he could learn something at nearly every fire. For this reason, when a disaster occurs there should be a careful study of the circumstances in order to ascertain what was unusual, and if possible guard against its happening again. In this spirit the writer offers a little discussion of the frightful stockyards disaster in Chicago on December 22. The district commonly called Packingtown lies between four and five miles southwesterly from the city hall. Its area is very nearly one mile square, and it extends from Thirty-ninth to Forty-seventh streets, and from Ashland avenue on the west to Halsted street on the east. Those who have never seen the stockyards can form very little idea of the combustible character of both…

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