Electric Truck for Springfield.

Issue 4 and Volume 49.

Electric Truck for Springfield. A short time ago Springfield, Mass., added another important piece of apparatus to its already well equipped department This was an electrically-driven aerial truck, shown in the illustration. An electric motor combination hose and chemical wagon had already been commissioned, so that the truck makes a second machine with this kind of power in service. The new truck was furnished by the Combination Ladder Company. of Providence, R. I., eastern agents for the Seagrave Company, of Columbus, O. The truck was placed in the Pynchon street station instead of the water tower, which was moved to other quarters. The fire committee has sixty days to try the new machine before its final acceptance. It cost $10,000. It is 52 feet long and the chassis is provided with couple-gear wheels, each with a separate motor. In these motors is contained the great driving power of the truck…

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