Water Works Litigation.

Issue 4 and Volume 49.

Water Works Litigation. In a temporary injunction issued by Judge H. C. Niles in the United States district court, the receiver for the Vicksburg, Tenn., Waterworks Company is restrained from raising the water rates of Vicksburg pending argument at the regular term of the Federal court at Kosciusko. As a solution of the controversy, it is proposed that a disinterested commission be appointed to appraise the plant with a view to municipal ownership. After four years of litigation, in which the city of Ft. Smith, Ark., sought to purchase the waterworks plant, owned by a private corporation. indications point to the success of the venture. The plant will cost the city in the neighborhood of $500,000, to be paid either next April or July. Plans are now being perfected for the city to raise this amount. The franchise of the company stipulated the city would have autho-ity to purchase the…

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