Tacoma Store Destroyed.

Issue 4 and Volume 49.

Tacoma Store Destroyed. The recent burning of the McCormack Bros.’ department store in Tacoma, Wash., involved a loss of nearly $100,000. and gave the fire department under Chief Geo. McAlevy a hard fight. The building, which was located at Fifteenth street, Pacific and Fifteenth avenues, covered an area of 100×150 feet, was one story in height, constructed of brick and wood about twelve years ago. The partition walls were of wood and the building contained no fire-extinguishing equipment whatever. The flames were discovered by a watchman about 11:41 p. m., in the rear part of the store. An alarm was sent in from a Gamewell box. This was responded to by a first and second-size Metropolitan, one second-size Continental, one second-size Nott. one Seagrave and one Hays aerial truck and four hose wagons. Upon reaching the scene the firemen found the flames well spread over the greater part of the…

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