Midland Water Works System.

Issue 6 and Volume 49.

Midland Water Works System. Citizens and business men of Midland, Texas, have witnessed a practical demonstration that their waterworks system is a success. The recentlv organized volunteer fire company in a practical hose test threw the water 20 feet above the Midland National Bank building, a fourstory structure. The source of water supply is six wells, each 6 inches in diameter and each pumping an average of 35 gallons per minute, or 300,000 gallons per day. The wells have proved entirely adequate for all purposes and would supply a city of 15,000 inhabitants, and the water is pure and wholesome. The power plant contains a battery of two high-pressure boilers 80 horsepower each, one boiler feed pump, one fire pump 500 gallons per minute capacity. one 200 cubic feet per minute air compressor, one heater and one condenser. The wells are pumped with air at 25 pounds pressure, delivering the…

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