The Deadly Flannelette.

Issue 7 and Volume 49.

The Deadly Flannelette. The apparent indifference of the public to the sheer wastage of life that is continually going on is perhaps a little disturbed occasionally by collected returns for a year, or some other period, when the impression due to numbers is by no means wanting; but all such summaries receive, as a rule, very scanty notice in the lay press. These considerations are well illustrated by a collection of newspaper cuttings that is before us, relating to deaths by burning during the month of November, 1910, excluding those due to conflagrations. The number of cases of burning bv mishaps—in nearly every case ending fatally—in this one month alone is 125, involving 131 persons. In no less than 39 of these death is ascribed to the rapid burning of flannelette clothing (night-dresses and undercloth ing) worn by the victim of the accident, and in 60 other cases it is…

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