Favorable Water Report of Oklahoma City.

Issue 7 and Volume 49.

Favorable Water Report of Oklahoma City. Superintendent V. G. Shenkle, of Oklahoma City, reports that the earnings for the year 1911 will be approximately $80,000, if the usual rate of consumption increase is maintained, which amount is more than sufficient to pay the interest not only on the present bonded indebtedness, but on the proposed $1,500,000 as well. The first complete report for the water department was issued in August, 1910, and covered one year’s work, the fiscal year being July 1, 1909, to July 1, 1910. For this period of twelve months the management of the water department was able to show total receipts in the amount of $115,867.97; expenditures for the same period, $48,934.52. These expenditures represent the total operating and maintenance expense. This shows a surplus of $66,933.45. Out of the surplus was paid the year’s interest on the total bonded indebtedness of the water department, amounting…

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