Fort Smith Extension Complete.

Issue 7 and Volume 49.

Fort Smith Extension Complete. With the exception of the right of way under the railroads for the mains leading to the furniture factory district, the new extension to the Fort Smith waterworks system is completed. This new extension consists of over 11 miles of water mains, including 200 feet of 24-inch main, 6,200 feet of 20-inch main, 1,180 feet of 12-inch main, 16,500 feet of 8-inch main, and 33,500 feet of 6-inch main. It also includes 88 new hydrants. The extensions were planned by order of council by City Engineer Reed, assisted by Superintendent Rosamond, of the w’ater company. Fort Smith now has a total of 44 miles of mains and 259 hydrants. The completion of the new’ extensions brings out an interesting fact in the history of the Fort Smith waterworks system. It is recalled that, as far back as 1887, Fmgineer M. M. Tidd planned a system of…

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