Friction Match Must Go.

Issue 7 and Volume 49.

Friction Match Must Go. State Fire Marshal B. P. Sullivan, of New Orleans, has issued an edict against the “criminal match”—that is, the ordinary friction match, which can be ignited on any surface. He has announced that it must go, and be replaced wholly by the safety match. Following is an interview that he has given out on the matter; “In Harrisburg, Pa., a short time ago, a friction match dropped on the floor of a cellar, was stepped upon, and resulted in a property loss of nearly $300,000. Had this been a safety match, instead of a ‘criminal’ match, no fire would have occurred. In many up-to-date European countries the ‘criminal’ match, which ignites on anything, is outlawed, and safety matches are required to be used exclusively. Such a law in each of the states of the Union would save to the public and to the insurance companies millions…

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