Johannesburg Fire Department Report.

Issue 7 and Volume 49.

Johannesburg Fire Department Report. In the year ending June 30 last the Johannesburg. South Africa, fire department responded to 171 fire calls and 1,378 ambulance calls. Seventeen of the former were false alarms, 9 chimney calls, and 22 grass fires, so that the actual property fires attended numbered 123. The total loss occasioned by these fires was $82,625, with $8,834,750 at risk, of which $2,020,000 was not covered by insurance. The loss figures, it may be observed, are lower than in any year since 1902-3. Among the causes of fires were: lights thrown down, 26; burning rubbish, 13; defective fires, 12; native carelessness, 12; explosions, 10: defective electric wires, 7; and ignition of petrol vapor, 7. Thirty-eight fires were in dewlling houses, 33 in shops and stores, 8 in works, etc., 15 in large combination buildings, 7 in hedges and trees, 7 in offices, 5 in gold mines, 5 in…

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