Mechanical Filtration Treatment of White River.

Issue 9 and Volume 49.

Mechanical Filtration Treatment of White River. At the recent annual meeting of the Indiana Sanitary and Water Supply Association, held in Indianapolis, Henry Drach, superintendent of the Anderson Water Company’s plant, read a paper on “The Successful Treatment of White River by Mechanical Filtration.” Mr. Drach showed that White River normally furnishes a clear water, due to numerous large feeder springs, which has an alkalinity running from 380 to 420 parts per million, dropping rapidly during floods. When the oil wells east of Anderson were in operation the chlorine was high, 800 to 900 parts per million. At present it ranges from 30 to 40 parts per million. Bacterial counts vary greatly at different stages of the river, the average normal number running from 200 to 600 per cubic centimeter, but in extreme cases they have been as high as 160,000. B. coli are present in about one-half of the…

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