Boston Engine Tips Over on Ice.

Issue 9 and Volume 49.

Boston Engine Tips Over on Ice. One of the relief chemical engines of the Boston Fire Department tipped over while responding to what proved to be a needless alarm of fire in East Boston. That Lieut. John J. Sullivan and Hoseman Edward J. Crowley, who were riding on the rear step, and Driver Julius Brant did not meet with serious injury is considered miraculous. Brant was the first of the men on the chemical to observe the tip and, jumping from the seat with the reins in his hands, he yelled to his associates to save themselves. He had hardly spoken the words when the engine rolled over. Sullivan managed to keep out of its path, but Crowley was not so fortunate. He was struck on the back by one of the small ladders carried on the side. His back was wrenched and vtis shoulders hurt. He was treated at…

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