Nashville Water Works Report.

Issue 9 and Volume 49.

Nashville Water Works Report. The Waterworks Department of Nashville, Tenn., under the management of George Reyer, made a most excellent showing for the year 1910, according to the annual report of the department submitted by Mr. Reyer to the Board of Public Works. In addition to this the citizens of Nashville are enjoying a pure, clear water supply and due credit for this must be given to Superintendent Reyer, who installed the purification and clarification process, which has given such eminent satisfaction. Among other things to be found in the report are the following: “The total pumpage for the year as shown by plunger displacement, without any deduction for slip, was 4,772,515,192 gallons, while the average |K-r day was 13,072,218 gallons. The actual delivery was probably 5 per cent. less. During the year the Holly engine was in service fifty hours, pumping 24,886,818 gallons. With this exception the supply was…

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