Issue 9 and Volume 49.

Meterage. The city of Fall River, Mass., has 8,426 meters, 229 having been added last year. Lock port, N. Y., with 18,000 population, consumes 361 gallons of water per capita daily. The city has 3,210 services and two meters. There are now 4,800 water meters in use at Rattle Creek, Mich. Ninety per cent, of the 5,000 tops are metered. The city pumped more than 702,000,000 gallons of water last year. R. W. Hayes, chairman of the Waterworks and Electric Light Committee, at Halva, III , reports that the Lambert meter has been selected for the city’s use and recommended that these meters he purchased as needed at $8.40 each. By having several firms engage in furnishing and installing the meters, and by paying for them, gradually, as the rents are collected, city officials of Dallas, Texas, declare they can soon proceed with the plan to install meters, and that…

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