Water Rates.

Issue 9 and Volume 49.

Water Rates. The new water rates being prepared for Sterling, Ill., will provide that 36,000 gallons of water annually shall be furnished for the sum of $9. The penalty clause it is understood will remain in the ordinance but a clause providing for the appointing of a board of arbitration to settle on the amount that shall be deducted by the city in case proper pressure is not maintained may be added. Another change will probably be the extending of the life of the franchise from 20 to 25 years. There is not likely to be any objections to this as five years difference in the life of the franchise is not such a vital question. In an effort to secure lower rates in Long Beach, Cal., it is claimed that the average charge in 375 cities for a six-roont house, bath, closet and 50-foot front, sprinkling, etc., is approximately…

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