Cincinnati Firemen and Civil Service.

Issue 9 and Volume 49.

Cincinnati Firemen and Civil Service. Of the 20 captains of the Cincinnati Fire Department, all successfully passed the test required by the Civil Service Commission, but only the five who attained the highest averages were certified to the safety director. One of these will be appointed assistant marshal, to succeed the late Philip Hurley, who was killed in the Sycamore street fire, and another will be named for the new district to be created for Hyde Park. George Dillenger, captain in Company No. 5, received an average of 914-0, and will be named as Hurley’s successor. Capt. George H. Coleman, of Hyde Park, will be placed in charge of the district to be created. The other high averages were Harvey Davies, 84 1-6; A. Flanningan, 84, and Peter Schraffenberger, 83 3-0.

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