Motor Engine at Paterson.

Issue 9 and Volume 49.

Motor Engine at Paterson. A motor engine, built by the Howe Engine Company, of Indianapolis, Ind., has been in service in Paterson, N. J., for some time and is giving general satisfaction. The machine is 75 horsepower, equipped with a battery of six piston pumps. 7 inches in diameter and 3-inch stroke, and with an aggregate capacity of 500 gallons per minute. The engine is equipped with National automobile power-plant radiator, hood, dash and chassis, made in Indianapolis. During the tests the pumps discharged 413 gallons a minute through a 1¾inch smooth-bore nozzle, running steadily for four hours and throwing a horizontal stream 223 feet. Water was taken from a hydrant with a pressure of 31 pounds. For speed the engine was tested running on the level and up grade with crew and full complement of hose and sustained the record for which it was guaranteed. The tests were in…

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