Fire Marshal for Pennsylvania.

Issue 9 and Volume 49.

Fire Marshal for Pennsylvania. The creation of the office of state fire marshal is provided for in a bill presented to the Pennsylvania Legislature by Senator E. L. Tustin, of Philadelphia. The legislation is drawn to exclude Philadelphia from its provisions, but applies to the balance of the state. Within 60 days after the act goes into effect, and every four years thereafter, the governor is to appoint a marshal at an annual salary of $5,000. The marshal is to name a first and second deputy and a chief assistant. The assistant is to receive $4,000 a year, and each of the deputies $3,500 a year. The marshal can also appoint such additional deputies and office assistants as may be necessary. He is authorized to name “any person as inspector who may be known to him to be competent and skilled in the business of fire insurance and in the…

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