Issue 9 and Volume 49.

FORT WAYNE HAS HIGH CONFLAGRATION HAZARD Fort Wayne, Ind., with a population of 64,000, owing to a combination of circumstances, is given credit by the Committee on Fire Prevention of the National Board of Fire Underwriters with being of high conflagration hazard. The committee’s report says: “Although the fire department is efficient and the water supply is fair, the conflagration hazard in the congested value district is high, on account of the light and poor construction, the serious unprotected exposures, the numerous excessive heights or areas, the many hazardous occupancies, the small amount of effective private fire protection, the few fire barriers, the narrow alleys, the high winds and the insufficient width of streets. The more important manufacturing plants are equipped with automatic sprinklers and other private lire protection, buildings are generally detached or in small groups, and spreading fires are improbable. The eongested portions of the residential sections have…

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