New Station for Paterson.

Issue 9 and Volume 49.

New Station for Paterson. Paterson, N. J., is erecting a large and comprehensive building in Van Houten street to be used as a headquarters of the fire department. It will be the location of several different kinds of apparatus, including an engine, a truck, the chief, gigs, quarters for the heads and some of the men of the department, gymnasium, baths, exercise rooms, and all that. It also will he the location of the batteries and other appliances of the fire alarm telegraph system. The plans show that it will, when finished, be one of the finest and most complete fire department headquarters in the country. The new auto machine recently installed has surpassed all expectations and it may be taken for granted that whatever additional engines arc purchased bv the commission will he of automobile construction. Captain S. L. Childers, of Indianapolis, Ind., has been elected trustee of the…

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