Artesians at Deming, N. M.

Issue 10 and Volume 49.

Artesians at Deming, N. M. The pumping of the Burdeck well at Deming, N. M., shows that the blasting done in the water strata has doubled its capacity. This well was originally put down as a test well for artesian water to a depth of about 700 feet. An artesian flow was encountered at 565 feet, which was not strong enough to be of use in irrigation. The well-drillers then attempted to stop up the screen in the upper stratum so as to increase the artesian flow. This attempt was unsuccessful and only served to weaken it as a pumping well. Tliev then blasted out the water-bearing stratum with dynamite, and succeeded in making a pumping well of it. it furnishing 1,000 gallons per minute It is equipped with a 36-horsepower crude oil engine and a No. 7 Layne & Bowler pump.

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