Fire Safeguards for Chicago.

Issue 10 and Volume 49.

Fire Safeguards for Chicago. Provisions to make Chicago safer from the danger of fires have been recommended by W. D. Matthews, superintendent of inspections of the Chicago Underwriters’ Association. The recommendations include the following: Prohibition in the downtown district of all except fireproof buildings; installation of a high pressure waterworks system; a fire limits, coincident with the city limits, to prevent the further erection of frame buildings; prohibition of frame roofs on all new buildings; prohibition of moving frame buildings from one location to another; requirement as to closing exterior doors and shutters at night and on Sundays and holidays; a state building code; prohibition as to sale and use of parlor matches. Mr. Matthews reviewed the provisions of the new city building ordinance, pointing out that, although numerous defects of earlier ordinances had been remedied, there are still many objectionable points to be revised.

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