Shake-Up in New York Fire Department.

Issue 10 and Volume 49.

Shake-Up in New York Fire Department. Following the report of Raymond B. Fosdick, Commissioner of Accounts, who has been investigating the workings of the New York Fire Department, Commissioner Waldo has started in to weed out the derelicts and will appoint men who are competent to execute the work for which they draw lucrative salaries from the city. The Bureau of Combustibles appears to have been the most loosely managed. All of the men in the bureau were inherited by Commissioner Waldo from the last administration. Joseph L. Burke has been the head of the office since December, 1907. The Bureau of Combustibles has jurisdiction over the storage, sale and use of all combustible materials in the city and the enforcement of all the regulations in these matters drawn up by the Municipal Explosives Commission. Commissioner Fosdick reports that he found the bureau in bad shape from top to bottom.…

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