Chief Baxter in New Office.

Issue 10 and Volume 49.

Chief Baxter in New Office. Mayor Reyburn, of Philadelphia, has signed an ordinance creating a new position in the city government, that of Fire Inspector, at $4,500. Coincident with the signing of the ordinance Chief Baxter, of the Fire Bureau, resigned to take up the duties of this new position, which was specially created for him in recognition of 40 years continuous service in the Fire Bureau. It had been Chief Baxter’s desire to retire as Chief of the Fire Bureau for nearly a year because of advanced age. Neither the city authorities nor Councils, however, were willing to lose his valuable services, and he continued at his post with the result that only by the best of good fortune he escaped being among those who lost their lives at the Bodine street fire. Chief Baxter, just before the walls fell which killed thirteen firemen and a policeman, saw the…

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