Fire Losses Again.

Issue 10 and Volume 49.

Fire Losses Again. Franklin H. Wentworth, of Boston, secretary of the National Fire Protection Association, delivered an address on February 23 before the local association of credit men on the subject of significance of fire waste. It contained much that was said before the New York legislative committee some time ago, in which the following occurred: Statistics gathered In the United States Govern Department of Commerce and Labor show an average annual per capita loss in six European countries of 33 cents, and that the average annual number of fires in European cities is eight for each ten thousand of population; while in this country the average annual per capita loss is over $3, and the annual number of tires for each ten thousand population in American cities averages over forty. Glasgow had a fire loss in 1908 of $325,000, and seldom does its loss reach half a million Boston,…

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