Issue 11 and Volume 49.

DESTRUCTION OF ST. MARY’S ACADEMY. SPECIAL REPORT OF FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING. Located near the top of Watchung Mountain, about 200 feet above the city of Plainfield, N. J., Mount St. Mary’s College was destroyed by fire on March 2, leaving only a small portion of the crumbling walls to mark the place where the fine structure once stood. Chief T. O. Doane, in his report to this journal, says the building was situated in North Plainfield township, so that the telephone message announcing the fire was not received at headquarters in Plainfield until 3.15 a. m., which was fifteen minutes after the fire was discovered. The North Plainfield department was notified at once and Chief Doane dispatched a chemical engine in charge of Captain Daly and two men to the scene, himself following in his auto. Chief McCulluch, of North Plainfield, rung in a box alarm and started for…

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