Issue 11 and Volume 49.

RECENT PATENTS 984,635. Water-purifving apparatus. Edwin S. Wood. Chicago, Ill., and John C. W. Greth, Pittsburg, Pa., assignors to Wm. B. Scaifc & Sons Company, Pittsburg, Pa. 984,647. Hanger-block. Hjalmar G. Carlson, Worcester. Mass., assignor to Worcester Fire Extinguisher Company, same place 984,704. Automatic household-filter. John Karick, Upland, Cal. 984,705. Automatic household-filter. John Ranck. Upland, Cal. 984,725. Hose-drier. Bertnie M. Wilhite and Frank I. Letson. Gordon. Neb. 984,853 Fire-extinguishing composition. William S. Rhoem. Oakland; Marvin L. Chappell. Berkeley, and John C. Black, Stege, Cal., assignors to Standard Oil Company. Richmond. Cal., a corporation of California. 984,885. Automatic fire-extinguishing valve. Albert Blauvelt, Chicago, Ill. . ,. 985, 029. Combined hose reel, automatic water-discharger_____ 985,142. Fire-engine-house door-releaser. Clinton O. Carter. Huntington. W. Va. 985.182. Joint-provector for sewer-pipes. Frederick w. Lang, Minneapolis. Minn. 985,469 Hydrant. Ole O. Storle. Tacoma, Wash., assignor to O. O. Starle Valve Company, Green Bay. 985,505. Spray-nozzle. Lewis A.…

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