Issue 11 and Volume 49.

SERIOUS GROUP FIRES POSSIBLE IN FRESNO After an investigation of the fire conditions at Fresno, Cal, the Committee on Fire Prevention of the National Board of Fire Underwriters concludes as follows as to the hazard: “In the principal mercantile district serious group fires are probable because of the presence of several excessive area buildings, weak construction from a fire-prevention standpoint, poorly guarded tire hazards, a weak water distribution system and an unreliable and inadequate lire alarm system. However, street widths and interior accessibility of blocks are good, buildings mainly low, winds moderate and the fire department is strong for a city of this size, so that the probability of a general conflagration is slight, in the fruitpacking and warehouse districts there is probability of serious individual or small group fires, but as buildings are mostly well detached, there is little danger of a conflagration. The residential districts present the hazard…

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