Issue 11 and Volume 49.

CARE OF PUBLIC FIRE HYDRANTS. At the fourth annual meeting of the Indiana Sanitary and Water Supply Association, held in Indianapolis, in the early part of February, Howard A. Dill, superintendent of the Waterworks Company at Richmond, Ind., read the following paper on “The Care of Public Fire Hydrants’ : A much discussed subject, and yet open to further discussion, for the hydrant is one of the vita! parts of a waterworks. The supply may be ample; the pumps and boilers adequate for all emergencies; the system of piping up to modern requirements; the hydrants perfect in theory, and yet—. What manager of a waterworks in a northern climate, with the thermometer pointing to zero, has not experienced a sense of anxiety when he hears an alarm of fire ring out on the cold, frosty air? His corps of men may have reported tne hydrants in working order, but so…

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