Higher Salaries for Philadelphia Firemen.

Issue 11 and Volume 49.

Higher Salaries for Philadelphia Firemen. The expected bill looking to the increase of the pay of Philadelphia firemen was introduced into select council last week. The agitation for an increase has been going on for some time, and it has been shown that the members of the fire department of Philadelphia were the poorest paid of any of the larger American cities. The bill has been urged by many societies, and the most recent request came from the United Business Men’s Association, representing almost ever, business association in the city. It provides increases all along the line in accordance with the following schedule: A bill was introduced by Mr. Seger authorizing the appointment of 300 additional firemen. The extra firemen will make possible a muchneeded change in the fire bureau’s system. At present there are 12 men in each company, and all have to work 21 hours out of each…

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