Practice in the Use of Hypochlorite of Lime

Issue 12 and Volume 49.

Practice in the Use of Hypochlorite of Lime In discussing the treatment of public water supplies with hypochlorites, it is not necessary to enter into the question of the efficiency of the process. That is a matter of common consent. The use of the material has extended over a sufficient length of time and under enough different conditions to make it possible to draw certain general conclusions as to the advisability of different devices in its application. The active agent—hypochlorous acid—may be obtained either from hypochlorite of lime or soda. The use of hypochlorite of soda, while preferable on account of greater solubility and ease in handling, is not practical at the present time on account of the higher cost the lowest figure being about 6.7 cents per pound of available chlorine. Hypochlorite of lime, ordinarily known as bleaching powder, may be obtained from a number of firms, among which…

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