New England Waterworks Association.

Issue 12 and Volume 49.

New England Waterworks Association. The March meeting of the New England Waterworks Association in Boston on the 8th instant was attended by the following, Frederick P. Stearns being the only honorary member present: Members.—S. A. Agnew, E. R. B. Allardice, C. H. Baldwin, A. F. Ballou, L. M. Bancroft, H. K. Harrows, G. W. Batchelder, A. E. Black mer, J. W. Blackmer, E. C. Brooks, G. A. P. Bucknam, James Burnie. C. E. Chandler, J. C. Chase, H. W. Clark, R. C. P. Coggeshalt, M. F. Collins, L. R. Dunn, F. D, Eldredge, F L. Fuller, F. J. Gifford, C. W. Gilbert, It. J. Glendenning, A. S. Glover, X. H. Goodnough, R. A. Hale, R. K. Hale, F. E. Hall, J. 0. Hamm, L. M. Hastings, A. R. Hathaway, T. G. Hazard, Jr., W. S. Johnson, E. W. Kent, Willard Kent, G. A. King, C. F. Knowlton, Wisner Martin, N.…

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