Sprinkler Order Stirs Warehousemen.

Issue 12 and Volume 49.

Sprinkler Order Stirs Warehousemen. The newly enacted law which aims to force the warehousemen and manufacturers of New York City to install a sprinkler system in their buildings, has created no little indignation covering a wide circle of manufacturers and others. For some time past there has been noticeable in nearly every district of the city the service of compulsory orders of Fire Commissioner Waldo, directing owners and proprietors of buildings to provide a system of automatic sprinklers within sixty days under the penalty of a fine and criminal prosecution. Owing to the magnitude and value of the property involved, especially in the case of the storage and warehouse buildings, this entails a cost to the warehouse industry which in the aggregate must impose a heavy burden ultimately on the community. So strong is the opinion that the Fire Commissioner may exercise the arbitrary powers given him under the present…

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