Fire Chief Lauds Motor Apparatus.

Issue 12 and Volume 49.

Fire Chief Lauds Motor Apparatus. Fire departments which use automobile hose wagons, claim to operate them at a cost less than one-fourth of the horse drawn wagons, and the former are in condition to respond to three times as many alarms, can travel three times as many miles and have double the hose capacity. This has been proven by J. H. Carlisle, chief of the Vancouver, B. C., fire department, who for a year kept close watch of the work done in his department by the two different types of vehicles. Mr. Carlisle’s conclusions are embodied in a paper which he read before the convention of the Pacific Coast Fire Chief’s Association, held in Seattle recently. The Vancouver chief starts his paper with the following figures, which show as probably nothing else could the relative value of motor and horse drawn trucks: Cost of maintenance, one horse drawn hose wagon,…

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