Milling Plant at Hamilton Burned.

Issue 12 and Volume 49.

Milling Plant at Hamilton Burned. A short time ago the plant of the Carr Milling Company at Hamilton, Ohio, was nearly destroyed by fire, which might have been expected owing to the nature of the plant. It was a four-story structure. 50×75 feet, constructed of concrete, brick and wood. Being twenty-eight years old, it contained little of what is known as fireproof construction the present day. True, there was a partition wall of brick between the engine room and the building proper, but the openings had no fire doors over them. The division walls were of wood and brick, but when the alarm was received from Gamewell box No. 51 at 12:25 a. m. the roof over the engine room was almost ready to fall in. The fire started in the engine room from what cause is unknown, and it was well under way when discovered by Harry Baker, a…

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