Issue 12 and Volume 49.

Meterage. Chicago Heights has appropriated $25,000 for meters and $7,717 for the installation of the same, making $52,717 to be invested in meters Leominster, Mass., has 2,938 services, of which 92 were added during the year. Of these 1,819 are metered inclusive of 55 set during the past twelve months. Fresno, Cal., with 25,000 inhabitants, has 4,700 connections to the system used for domestic water supply, and only 24 are metered, these being mostly large consumers. Phoenix, Ariz., with 12,500 population, consumes 1,760,000 gallons daily, only a small percentage is metered. On January 1 84 meters were in service and 2,814 services. Plymouth, Mass., has a population of 12,100. Its system is pumping, 209,279,800 gallons being pumped during 1910. The number of services in use is 2,480, of which only 94 are metered, or 3.79 per cent. Of the total number of gallons pumped 19.9 per cent, passed through the…

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