Issue 12 and Volume 49.

WATERWORKS NEWS OF THE WEEK Binger, Okla., has voted down a proposition for a waterworks system. Colfax, Cal., has recently completed a waterworks plant, and now expects a reduction in insurance rates. The new waterworks system at Medford, Wis., which cost $30,000, has been accepted after a severe test. Condemnation proceedings may be resorted to at Elmira, N. Y., with a view to acquiring the local water plant. The Clarion (Pa.) Water Company has employed the firm of Chester & Fleming, engineers, Pittsburg, Pa., to design and install a water filtration plant. Experts have decided that Benton Harbor, Mich., should develop its water supply from wells, which will cost about $150,000. To go to the lake would cost $176,000. The plant of the Columbus (Ga.) Waterworks Company was sold at a legal sale recently by Major Greene, master commissioner, to F. M. Colston, et at., for bondholders, for $392,000. Drillers…

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