Firestone Chauffeur’s Moral Code.

Issue 12 and Volume 49.

Firestone Chauffeur’s Moral Code. The Firestone Tire and Rubber Company has issued the following code: This certifies that the Commercial Motor Vehicle Chauffeur, to whom this document has been awarded, has the interests of his vehicle ever in mind and regardless of the yearnings of the repairman and the junk dealer, has adopted the following chauffeur s moral code: 1. I will avoid overloading my vehicle, because of the heavy stress it places on the mechanism and tires 2. I will not overspeed my vehicle, as I realize that its tires and mechanism have their limitations and if persistently overtaxed they cannot give their full length of service, 3. I will keep my brakes working with equal pressure on each wheel, and the axles and wheels trued up. I can thereby save rack and wear on the running gear and prevent unusual stress on any one of the tires, t.…

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