The Disastrous Fire in New York.

Issue 16 and Volume 49.

The Disastrous Fire in New York. The Indianapolis Star, in commenting editorially on the recent Asch fire in New York, says: “We have just been told how New York without subterfuge blames the whole community for the disastrous fire, in that throughout the years the community has not seen to it that the authorities enforced the laws. We have a case at home where the Board of Public Works has just ordered the poles and wires within the mile square put underground. The law making it obligatory was passed 11 years ago. All this time what have the authorities done; what has the community done? The condition to-day answers. It is said that there are a thousand poles and many hundreds of miles of wires, perhaps within this area where the 11year-old law says that they shall not exist. If at any time a bad fire should have occurred and…

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