Issue 16 and Volume 49.

HIGH PRESSURE SYSTEM AT JACKSONVILLE, FLA. “I am ready right now,” said Fire Chief T. W. Haney, of Jacksonville, Fla., a few days ago, when a trio of experts from the National Board of Fire Underwriters called on him and stated that during their stay in Jacksonville they wanted to see the high pressure pumps of the department tried out. The streets about Hemming Park were chosen, and after thousands of gallons of water had been thrown hither and thither during the sixty minutes between 3 and 4 o’clock, the experts are said to have been unanimous in: “Yes, the demonstration is entirely successful.” The game started at 3:05 o’clock and a pump at the high pressure plant was put in motion. One 2-inch and two 2 1/2-inch nozzles were connected in this instance. The second test was a few minutes later, with a couple of 2-inch nozzles, one 1…

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