Issue 16 and Volume 49.

HONOLULU HAS A MODERN FIRE DEPARTMENT Honolulu, far-off in the mid-Pacific, has as fine a fire department as may be found in any other American city of its, size, and is probably more progressive than that of many larger cities. The fire stations are splendid structures, fitted with many of the latest appliances, the only thing old being some of the hose carts and some of the horses, and they are likely to lose their jobs before long, as the automobile apparatus is a sure thing for Honolulu in the near future. Chief Thurston, well known to many tire engineers in the United States, has a strong hold upon the popularity of the business people of Honolulu, and he is going to lie backed up strongly in his campaign for the most up-to-date apparatus of the automobile kind. He lias already secured a fine automobile for his own use, a…

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