Recent Patents.

Issue 16 and Volume 49.

Recent Patents. 988,384. Hose. George E. Preston, Chicago, Ill., assignor of one-half to Guilford S. Wood, same place. 988,391. Apparatus for filtering water, sewage, and the like. Henry Shillington, Lurgan, Ireland. 988,593. Folding fire-escape ladder. Ike Poss, Chattanooga, Tenn. 988,598. Fire-extinguisher. Wilhelm Schwarzhaupt, CologneMarienburg. Germany. 9SS,766. Keel for hose. Jeffry lrigon, Itarre, Yt. 98S,768. Sprinkler alarm system. Albert Goldstein, New York, n. Y., asignor to International Electric Protection Company. 988,826. Automatic flushing apparatus for sewage sys terns. James Scott, Denver, Colo.

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