Issue 16 and Volume 49.

Meterage. Gardner, Mass, has a total of 120 meters on its water system. Hamilton, O., installed 377 meters last year, making the present total 3,430. Yonkers, N. Y., has 7,927 meters on its water service. Of these 2,279 are of the Crown make, 1,100 of the Nash, 1,340 of the Trident, 977 of the Thomson, 950 of the Lambert and the remainder are scattering. Nine hundred and three meters have been placed during the year at Jamestown, N. Y., making a total of 3,225, which is 51 per cent, of all the services in active use. Last year the percentage was 30 and the year previous 21 per cent. This year the water board is placing meters on all who are paying $11 or more per year and there is a demand from consumers who arc paying $0 to $10 per year. Of the many meters tested the past year…

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