The Mueller Flushing Hydrant.

Issue 18 and Volume 49.

The Mueller Flushing Hydrant. An illustration of the Mueller flushing hydrant which has just been perfected is shown herewith. It is designed to furnish cities or private companies with a supply of water for flushing and street sprinkling and thereby keep fire hydrants free for use in case of fires. A number of cities have found it bad policy to allow street sprinklers, contractors and others to use fire hydrants, as it is frequently the case that an interruption of the fire service results. The hydrant is also designed for use in garages, markets and other public places. It is composed of a special hose valve with curb box and special hydrant stop and waste cock with a cast-iron hood. These are connected by two 2-inch iron pipes. A street ell is attached to the inlet of the stop and waste cock for connecting with the service. It has the…

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