Is Montreal in Danger?

Issue 18 and Volume 49.

Is Montreal in Danger? It is stated by a local insurance man who has been making a study of the situation that there are in round numbers some 85,000 people in Montreal, Canada, who are in imminent danger of water famine. The districts affected, with the approximate population of each, are: Outremont, 4,000; Laurier, 36,000; St. Denis, 28,000; Villeray, 4,000; Delorimier, 12,600. F. H. Pitcher, of the water company, says: “We have a pressure of sixty pounds in these districts that arc mentioned. We have heard no complaints of water famine. The matters are before the courts now and we feel it better to discuss them.” St. Denis and Delorimier, covering an area roughly estimated at five square miles, it is claimed, is in the most serious danger, not so much because the domestic supply may become seriously affected, but because should a serious fire begin it is alleged that…

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