New York Water Supply in Danger.

Issue 19 and Volume 49.

New York Water Supply in Danger. The supply of water is running so low in the reservoirs, being only half the amount on band at this time last year, that the city officials are anticipating the worst, unless the situation is relieved by eonious rains. Commissioner Thompson, of the department of water supply, gas and electricity, declares that only heavy rainfalls can prevent a water famine in Manhattan and the Bronx before the end of fall. Continuing, he said “There is approximately water for 126 days on hand. Last year we bad on storage and on the ground 104,000,000,000 gallons To-day we have only 52,000,000,000 gallons. The ground is very dry. This time last vear it was wet. If the rain comes we will be all right Otherwise we will be up against it. If the same conditions prevail from now on as prevailed at the same time in 1910,…

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