Issue 19 and Volume 49.

CORRESPONDENCE. To THE EDITOR: Referring to the article credited to Chief Archibald of Cincinnati in your issue of April 19, I wish to take exceptions to his remarks for the following reasons: In the first place it will not require twice the mimlter of men now employed, as tile proportion of necessary increase is not double. To illustrate, taking companies of 8 or 10 men as at present in cities. With one man off each day. and meal hours, the force is reduced to one half. At present there are about 7 or 8 hours a day when the companies have only 4 or 5 men, and in cases where an extra man is away, still fewer. Under the platoon system, take a present 10-man company and increase to 17 men. 3 less than double, allowing for days off as now The men would report after having had the first…

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