Pumping Engine Notes.

Issue 19 and Volume 49.

Pumping Engine Notes. The gravity water system at Adams, Ore., has proven inadequate during the last two seasons and will have a supplementary pumping plant this year. A gasoline engine is being installed. The new 12,000,000-gallon pump at the city waterworks at Runyon, N. J., is now being connected with the ground storage wells at that place and it is expected that it will be ready for a final test in about two weeks. Contractor C. F. Turkis has been awarded the contract for the building of the pump house at Little Rock, Ark. The pump has been ordered, and it is thought will be received in Little Rock within the next week. This pump will be installed for the purpose of pumping water from the river to be used in the electric light plant for condensing purposes. The Weinman Pump Manufacturing Company, of Columbus, O., recently entertained a number…

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